Previous Editions of the Bologna Policy Forum

 First Bologna Policy Forum, Leuven/Louvain – la – Neuve, 29 April 2009  

Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve 2009 Bologna Policy Forum Statement | Pictures  Videos

 Second Bologna Policy Forum, Vienna 2010                                            

Vienna 2010 Bologna Policy Forum Statement | Pictures 

 Third Bologna Policy Forum, Bucharest 2012

Bucharest 2012 Bologna Policy Forum Statement | Pictures 

Already traditional, the Bologna Policy Forum is an event aimed at facilitating global dialogue between the 47 countries currently participating in the Bologna Process and countries taking an interest in this inter-governmental initiative. The participants are expected to focus on how worldwide cooperation in higher education can be enhanced, while developing closer links between European Higher Education Area and higher education areas or national systems across the globe.

For the Third Bologna Policy Forum, the overarching theme is "Beyond the Bologna process: Creating and connecting national, regional and global higher education areas", with four sub-themes approached in the parallel sessions:


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